Scan/Tracking no longer working

Had my pan cam for about a month now and LOVE it. But the past couple of weeks, the motion tracking has stopped working. I’ve toggled it off / on, rebooted multiple times, have the latest firmware, and done everything else I can think of but it just simply won’t follow anything around when it detects motion. The green motion tracking box does light up indicating it “sees” motion and the event does get recorded on the SD card; it just won’t “follow” the motion no matter what. And I can manually pan the camera around so I know it’s not that the gears and such aren’t working. Used to work great so I don’t know what changed. Any ideas?


Have you filed a support request from the Wyze app?

Not yet. Figured I’d check on the forum first to see if anyone else has experienced this as well.

I just recieved 7 pan cams and the 1st 2 I opened have the problem you described right out of the box. No motion tracking and no green boxes tracking motion. I’ve tried everything.

I deleted my two pan cams from the app that had motion issues and re-added them. Motion tracking is now working as expected on all 7 cams. Hopefully I will not have additional issues with motion tracking.