Can someone explain to me this backwards pan camera?

What is the point of the pan scan settings if its just gonna keep following the pan pattern even if theres motion??? What kind of design is this?? I have the camera pan so i can always see around the whole house but when it detects motion even when im constantly in front of it moving around it will continue the pan pattern and turn completely around. Why would it be designed this way?? With motion detection on wouldnt it make sense to follow the motion and continue the pan pattern when the motion stops??? I cant for the life of me use this cam pan to see behind it. If something moves behind it it barely follows so i tried the pan setting to get the view behind always… But now this issue

In addition to pan scan being turned on, you also must have motion tracking on. When I just tried to do this, my camera will follow me around, and return to pan scanning after motion stops.


Its on. My camera doesnt work the way its supposed to ever with this motion tracking

It’s possible you have a defective motor. (I had a pan cam that had some motor issues) was obvious when tracking and/or pan scan. They ended up replacing the camera. Reach out to Wyze support and see if they can help diagnose and resolve the issue.


I agree with @towelkingdom. I have mine set up as he described and they have worked well.
You could first try a [Factory Reset]. (
Then contact Support and document what you have done.
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