Pan Cam V3 events - no video after firmware update

I am on Android app V2.9.4(402). All my cameras on on Cam Plus licenses.

2 days ago, I updated the firmware on my Pan Cam V3 cameras, from to

Since that time, 40% of the events on one of the Pan Cam V3 cameras, only show a still picture, and no video.

There were 20 events today, and 8 are still photos only, with a small question mark icon in the bottom right corner. When I click on that icon, it pops up a window, that says “Failed to upload”, and lists 3 things. One is to upload a log, which I did (log # 1355017).

Another says to view the event video from the playback from the SD card. The event video plays back with no problems from the SD card. In fact, the playback itself works fine as far back as several weeks.

I have 2 other Pan Cam V3 cameras that I updated at the same time. Those only have 3 events today, and all events videos play back with no problem. But statistically, that is pretty much in line.

All 3 Pan Cam V3 cameras show 2 bars of wifi signal strength. That measurement is not terribly precise, but the one with the missing video events is not overly different or further from the router than the others.

I submitted the log and then created a “support ticket” for the issue, but wanted to check to see if anyone else has experienced this same issue.