Pan cam upgrade problem

since the newest update to my devices my pan cams (2) have been a problem. When I select the cam it says either authenticating or getting video data FOREVER. I have to go out and reselect the cam one, two, three times before it finally connects. So why??
Also, I now get a “you have reached the end” message when rotating the cam. It doesn’t come whan I have reached the end of the rotation limit.
Finally, one cam is in the basement, Now with the new upgrade the cam won’t stay in the direction I rotate it but shifts back to a lighter (closer object) in the dark.
Anybody else get these problems or do I just have renegade cams?

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I have not installed the latest .156 FW released in the last 1-2 days so I don’t know how it will behave. But, on the two FW updates that preceded .156, my Pan cameras would pan about 90 degrees off center whenever powered ON. Once ON, they stayed in the correct position. My solution was to set a single waypoint on each Pan camera, pointing forward (i.e., the “home” position). Then, during the power ON cycle, they made their usual 360 rotation, came to rest about 90 degrees off center, and then after a few seconds pointed straight ahead.

Check to see if your wandering camera has a detection zone set.