Pan Cam stops working middle of night after this weeks firmware upgrade

Before this weeks firmware upgrade ( I could leave my phone plugged in power and leave the app open all night to monitor a room in the house (dog). The device and app would work all night before the upgrade staying connected throughout the night. After the firmware upgrade and app upgrade that came out a couple days ago the app disconnects from the device. When trying to reconnect to the cam in the iPhone app I only get a message saying it could not connect and I should restart the cam or my router. So the last two days I have to unplug my pan cam and restart it to get going again. I believe the pan cam is disconnecting from the network potentially.

Please provide an update on this topic and any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

My pan cam has firmware version with a 4gb SD card installed in it. My iPhone is an iPhone X with iOS 12 and i have the Wyze cam app version 1.5.50 installed. Pan Cam wifi signal is 98%. - it is a good connection. I am a computer network professional so I do understand computer\device networking well.