Pan Cam Record 24 hrs AND records events?

I was under the impression that one could select to record events OR 24 hours continuous, not both. Mine seems to be doing both. Events are 12 seconds. I like that, though I do wish it was longer, but I understand why it’s not, I just thought if you chose to record 24 hours that events would NOT be individually recorded/marked. I’m glad it does because I was thinking what a pain it would be to search through hours of video for the one event. Are the events being recorded to the sd as well or to the cloud? I’m just trying to understand how my camera works. (I don’t like that there is several seconds audio lag in playback).

The 12-second event clips are separate from SD card recording and both can be used concurrently.

With event recording enabled, the camera will upload a 12-second clip whenever motion/sound is detected (depending on your selections). Following an event there is a 5-minute “cooldown” period where no events will be recorded. Event clips are stored in the Wyze cloud for 14 days before being deleted, but you can download them to your phone any time before that.

With an SD card and SD recording enabled, the camera will record continuously, saving the videos to the card in 1-minute segments. If “Event only” recording mode is selected, only the segments that contain motion events are kept on the SD card. In “Continuous” mode all segments are kept and the oldest segments are overwritten when the SD card becomes full.

When you “View Playback” on a camera it reads the recorded video from the SD card, which is why seeking through the video is sometimes slow. If you have “Event only” recording you will see gaps on the timeline where no video was recorded, otherwise it will usually be solid blue/green to show that video was recorded continuously.