Pan cam bug

I have the new pan cam mounted on a post, not inverted so it has a full 360 degree view. There are tree branches above the camera. When in motion tracking mode the camera can easily be driven down far enough for half the screen it taken up with the top of the lower cube, and if there are shadows moving on this surface, the camera will fixate on them and be driven nearly straight down until the motion stops long enough for it to reset to it’s original position.
Since there’s no reason for the camera to move low enough to see the lower cube, I suggest limiting it’s travel when in motion tracking mode. My short term solution partial solution will be to paint the upper surface of the lower cube black. It will still be driven lower than it’s useful, but perhaps it won’t get stuck there.

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Is that a place you could mount it upside down?

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I could, but the post would block it’s view behind it. If I built a mount that had a very slim post, or that moved the camera away from the post some distance, that might work too, but I’d rather just have this fixed the the next firmware update!

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I don’t recommend doing that. For whatever reason, upside down mounting will lead to many failures of the camera itself, then requiring a complete reset. At least that’s been my experience.

I have two of them, the other is upside down under the eves at my home… so far so good. Overall, I really like these cameras. I’ve been waiting a long time for a pan cam that can be outside, I like the improved user interface, and some feature changes that make a big difference, like resetting to the original position after tracking something… that one is a game changer.


Each location that the camera can be mounted needs to be evaluated so see what’s best for that spot. In many places, upside down would work better than upright for whatever reason. Yes, like @sand451 stated, a mounting location that is protected from the elements is a good example of this.