Wyzecam pan tilt before the base in v2

Give the Pancam the ability to tilt before the base. Currently if you have the Pan on a stand tilted down in the front it will be pointed up in the back when rotated. I have some on the corners of my house pointed down but if you try to look around the corners you just get rafters… Just a thought… :wink:

@DsGolf2, Could you please clarify/amplify what you intend here? Perhaps a simple drawing would make it more clear.

If you put the Pan cam on a flat surface and have it rotate it will stay level the whole time. If you put the cam on a wall mount and tilt the mount forward the cam pan will be pointed down in the front but it will point up when it rotates to the back. So currently there is no way to have a camera up high and look down in all directions. EG: I have cameras under the eaves (to stay dry) on the corners of my house. I put them out far enough that if I rotate the pan cam, I can see around the corner to both sides of the house but not be in the weather. (pretty cool I think) Unfortunately if I keep the camera level, I can’t see the end of the driveway next to the house. If I tilt the cam down the camera is pointed towards the roof on both back sides. Even though the lens in the camera does go up and down it doesn’t go quite far enough down for a high mounted camera.