Can Wyze Camera Pan be mounted in a slightly tilted position?

Can the Pan camera be mounted permanently tilted maybe 10-20 degrees off vertical when mounted only 1 ft below the ceiling? That way I could cover less of the ceiling, but more of the floor. I wonder if the bearings and gears wear would be affected…

Not sure if there is a specific rule against it, but I’ve had a Pan mounted outside at about a 15-20 degree tilt for going on a year without issue.

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Thanks; I’ll try to confirm with Wyze support.

I have one tilted like that, hanging upside down in the basement, no problem

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Wyze sells a mount to do exactly that. I have done the same with my Pan using their mount. It has worked that way for over a year now. :slight_smile:


All of my pans are mounted on swivel type mounts designed for angled mounting. They allow for getting s precise fixed position coverage shot. Downside is that when you angle-mount the picture gets askew when you pan.
That being said I have had no problem with the cams mechanically.