Pan cam 3 not working since firm ware update

I am getting error code 90 since the firm ware update. i have one camera that updated just fine the other camera will not stay on, I can not restart it and it will not work. anyone else have this problem.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience.

Is your Panv3 currently give you any status light? Does it power on when you reboot it? Thanks!

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it will have a solid red light until the base moves then it turns off. almost like it has a short. you move the base back and it will turn on to the red light again.
but when you push the set up button nothing happens

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Understood. We noticed there are some Panv3 randomly shuts off because of the USB connector not completely connected. Could you please double check that? Thanks!

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so the plug is plugged in. i will turn the base, it will power up and about and about 15 seconds later the base will return to the original place and turn off