Paint me the Big Picture

Has anyone made an infographic flowchart illustrating the confirmed design functionality of these cams and their features? I mean, making all these semi-informed assumptions and inferences which are sometimes confirmed and sometimes corrected and often not is, um, MADNESS.

What are the base functions, how do the different parts work together, what is dependent on what, what is discrete, etc.

  1. Power
  2. Lense > video
  3. Mic > sound
  4. RAM > volatile storage
  5. SD > permanent storage
  6. Wireless Comms > remote storage

I am willing to pay $5 send a brand new Wyze Cam v2 Black to the person who creates an elegant, inclusive depiction of the design, functions and features of this little cube.


What are ya afraid of, fella? Clarity? :slight_smile:


Hey Loki, do you happen to recall seeing a graphic flowchart one customer posted to a thread about 30-45 days ago? It addressed mainly necessary handshake interactivity between app, cam and servers if I remember correctly. Shoulda bookmarked it. :neutral_face:

Sorry, no, don’t recall that.

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If someone will provide the “confirmed design functionality” I can provide the graphic design part… not sure if you’d need to cut the cam in half vertically or horizontal tho :joy:

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Joint custody? Visitation rights? :wink:

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This is buried deep in TLDR territory, so…

How is this “camera” different than a microcomputer? Here’s a 3-frame graphic progression I made, starting with a basic diagram found on the web. :slight_smile:


Is this essentially correct? What have I got wrong or left out?

Along these lines of needed graphics -
I’d really like to see a pdf of the directory structure and the menu structure.
Hardcopy can be helpful.

Hey gemniii, definitely agree. And hardcopy - I sketch it out in pencil (with a big gum eraser handy) before I start doing the digital.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the directory structure - there are sub-directories below these.

And the 3rd party app (an archiver with basic file management) the screenshot’s from. No ads and reasonable permissions:

Those rascals, they DO use graphics - internally! :star_struck:

Somewhere (internally) lies the matrix from which stuff like this is spawned. ::sigh::

Nice manual with graphics blooming here:

Well done, Matthew!

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