Package deal?

Is there not a package deal to get all that I need? Want to get Wyze Locks, motion and door sensors, garage door light/cam, outdoor light/cams. DO I need a hub? Can I just use my Google setup? This seems overly complicated.

Not really. They used to sell hardware bundles. But the app itself is unified. There are different “hubs” for doorbell and outdoor cams, if you use those.

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The V2 motion sensors and contact sensors (as well as the leak sensors and climate sensors) require the The Wyze Sense Hub.

Wyze does not sell the Sense Hub individually without the Home Monitoring Service. The best you can do is to get the core starter kit with 3 months free monitoring and then cancel it. IF YOU CAN FIND IT. It is normally out of stock in the web store. It is available thru the in app store though… Which is actually being purchased from the iOS appstore. (Beware).

You can also get this kit from Home Depot, Walmart Online, or Amazon.

Otherwise you have to build your own system in the web store, pay for the subscription then cancel it for a refund if you don’t want it. You will get no refund if you buy it from Apple.

The Garage door controller requires a V3 with a special plug sold on it.

Everything else is sold separately.

Google Home is the least compatible with the Wyze ecosystem. Very limited compatibility and poor feature integration.

Each of the items on the website will tell you what is required to go with it.