Oversaturated pinkish video on V3 PRO

Has anyone had a problem where their v3 Pro camera starts recording video in saturated pinkish mode? At first I thought it was a problem with night vision/infrared but this happens during day and night even if I turn off/change night settings.

This is a new camera as of 3 months… not using the spotlight… only way to recover was to restart the camera… then things back to normal. Firmware glitch on latest level?

Any ideas?

On most of the cameras when you see that, it is due to the internal IR filter not properly inserting when the camera is operating in daylight mode. First try switching the camera back and forth between daytime and night mode a bunch of times to see if that unsticks the filter. If that does not work, tap GENTLY on all four sides of the camera a few times with something like the handle of a screwdriver.