Overnight $3 price increase on cam V3..sigh

sigh…put the cam in cart last night, couldnt get back to checkout and there was the $3 increase. Went from $32.98 to $35.98

OY :open_mouth:

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Wow you ain’t kidding. I knew they bundled shipping but this is starting to seem inflationary.

Can’t really call it a $20 camera anymore.

Were you signed in?

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yes…put the camv3 in cart, didnt get a chance to checkout weds night, got back to cart thurs. morning and poof, inflation :upside_down_face:

I understand price increases but not an overnight one. I have v1 & v2 cams still working so can’t complain about things too much but…

Happy 4th to all!

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Save $3 and get better shipping times, and a far better return policy…
AMAZON :grin: