Outoor cam, V3, Floodight cam - hood needed to protect lens from rain and elements

Looks like rain and other precipitation stick to the outdoor cam lenses if they are not under an eve and wildly distort the image at night. This is a V3 floodlight cam in pitchblack darkness, no lights on. Rain stuck to the lens is creating this. Seems a simple clip on hood accessory for all outdoor cam models would be a good idea. I might try to fab something up with a small milk jug to see how it goes

Well get you some scrap plexiglass and make a hood

What’s that super-bright light source to the upper-right? That doesn’t look like pitch darkness? All the other aberrations may be a result of that one, so is it possible to eliminate that from the view?

Or is that IR reflection from a water drop or something? Just trying to understand what’s up here. :slight_smile:

BTW, hoods are bad. Just slight fins in front of the lens can reflect IR light back across the lens and totally cloud out your view at night. You can counter that by covering the fins (or hood) with non-IR-reflecting material like black electrical tape, but fins and hoods are generally an issue.

@Newshound … that is a PIR artifact from a drop of water on the lens. There were no lights on outside or in the frame of view. Only thing I can think of is ambient light from the window refracting through the droplet. Nutty. That’s why my first inclination it to get a covering over the lens or camera somehow…

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