Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

It is currently being tested. Will they make the deadline? No one knows.

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As far as I can tell it is a self-imposed deadline. From a marketing standpoint (and I don’t know diddly about marketing) they need to get it out by about Thanksgiving to tap Christmas sales.

From a technology standpoint they need to get the minimum features out tested and working well.

Many people advocate for a wired camera so they can run high resolution, many want very long battery life. Some want sharks with lasers.

The V2 has proven highly adaptable as a wired-for-power outdoor cam. I had one outside for several months during the summer. @Loki posted Wyze Cam Saran

which is actually a fairly viable low cost solution,

So as an avid DIY guy I think they have a passable solution on the market already, I’m just waiting to see what they offer above the V2. I don’t need sharks with lasers, I could probably use chipmunks with pellet guns, :slight_smile:


I think you’re optimistic about a Thanksgiving Release. There is a reason Apple, Microsoft, and Google release their new products in September and October. That reason is holiday sales. We will see what happens. My wife wants cameras on the driveway, and I am holding out to see what comes of this. Not sure I can hold her off for much longer than 2 months though.

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I’m not anticipating a Thanksgiving release, I was just stating that later than that and they will miss the window for Christmas sales.
And I’m hoping they can get a product better than the V2 but thoroughly tested.

But if you need cameras on the driveway it might be possible to get several V2’s or Pan Cams hooked up and working.

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They probably wouldn’t survive the +110° summers here in the Mojave Desert.

Look around on the forum - Mine survived about 100 degrees F outside in Mississippi sheltered in a dark owl.


love the own cam… you should hide the power cable in a rubber snake :slight_smile:


@tom, we have made some changes to the forum that make it more testing friendly but we’re not at that point yet and I’m not sure when we will be. We have tried running a test through here but it didn’t work as well as the Facebook group method.

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There is a silicone cover! I’m using them. They work great.

Frienda 2 Pack Silicone Skin with Security Wall Mount for Wyze Cam 1080p HD Camera and iSmart Alarm Spot Camera, Outdoor and Indoor Use, Black (Not Contain Camera) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CSP2GG5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_gMQODbS114G8V

Exactly my thoughts. You can’t give everyone everything and what people lose sight of in a suggestion race, is more features = more complexity, expense and often lower reliability and picture quality. What matters most in any camera that’s aimed mostly for home security is picture quality. Achieve that, and you can add in whatever you like to support other uses subject to budget. If the picture quality isn’t great though, it fails at the 1st hurdle.

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I agree picture quality is high on the list, however the best picture quality will mean nothing if motion detection of an individual is not sent because it happened within the 5 min cool down period of a leaf falling!
Shorten cooldown to a reasonable 15 to 30 seconds.**
Improve the so called “instant” notification of an event (mine are between 30 seconds and 15 min. after a detection).

Now you have a useful camera for what most of us are using it for.

**I realize there is a cost to reducing the cool down period, but realistically we don’t need two weeks of storage for free. If there was something important to save, we should have saved it within the first day for the authorities. We also have our SD cards that can be viewed.

Wyze could cut its real storage cost in half if it cut it back to 1 week or even just 5 days of free storage. Understand that the vast majority of video being saved and paid for by Wyze is video of shadows, leafs falling, bugs etc etc. That savings could be translated into a much shorter cool down period. I think the trade off is well worth it.
One poster thought it would be considered ‘bait and switch’ if they reduce the free storage. I empathically disagree! Rather, it is greatly improving the usability and functionality of the camera.
Two weeks of leafs falling, or shadows passing are meaningless, if the real events are not being recorded because of the extremely long cool down period.


Let’s make a wireless Wyze Cam happen!

It is happening. Just not as quickly as some might like. Currently it is in testing.

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I’m starting to loose patience waiting for the outdoor camera version to be released. The only update we’ve gotten is ‘it’s in development’. I need outside cameras before winter and if a good sale should come up on Black Friday I may have to buy another brand. I’ve been with using my V2 Wyze cam since the beginning and backed the Sense and Plug pre-orders, but this wait has been killing me. If Wyze doesn’t have an outdoor camera ready soon, I may have go with different equipment.

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That’s a logical step to take. Wyze can only get the cameras out when they’re ready and with an undetermined ready date, that’s really the only option. Unless you do like many have and place standard Wyze cams outside.

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They’ve consistently said that they’re expecting it “this year,” and they also just teased a photo of warehouse full of a mystery product they’re about to reveal. So… I think you won’t have to be patient much longer.


Yeah, I saw that photo on the Wyze FB page. I think it’s getting everyone all hyped up. Lol :grinning:

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I wonder how much a box of Amazon returns cost and where to buy them?

actually it’s “in testing”, which is further along than in-development…in the meantime, do what most others do & use a v2, as long as it’s somewhat protected, it will be fine.

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I think it is just sending existing products to retailers in order to be prepared for the holiday season.