Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

There are also these if you don’t need to keep the bulb in the fixture:


Or these, while more expensive, go direct to USB


Either of these might fit better in a fixture that the earlier one with a Wyze power adapter sticking out the side.

Or if you go with the earlier posted option, you could use something like this to reduce the profile of the power adapter:


In any case, there are lots of options.

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I use one of the with the adapter I posted earlier. Bulky but it all fits in the light fixture. I used it for Christmas lights in the past.

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I’ll warn you that I ordered these myself and if you try to put them in a pocket light or certain types of lights it will block the USB connector and it’s useless. So make sure that you’re using it in a lamp or something similar because I tried using it in a pocket light and once you screwed it in all the way to USB connectors you couldn’t put a cable into them

I’ll warn you that I ordered these myself and if you try to put them in a pocket light or certain types of lights it will block the USB connector and it’s useless. So make sure that you’re using it in a lamp or something similar because I tried using it in a pocket light and once you screwed it in all the way to USB connectors you couldn’t put a cable into them. If you want to try one cheap just tell me where you live you pay the shipping and give me a few bucks and it’s yours


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are you still working on this? my new neighbor is having a house built on the lot, and last night someone came and set fire to what is there. my current wyze cams caught the fire and the guy running away, but unfortunately it was too dark to see the guy too well as he casually walked up to the site and as he ran away from the flare up from some kind of plastic container of some sort of propellant. had i some floodlight cams, we might have been able to see the guy better. so i am looking now, but honestly it’s not just the price of the Ring floods that is less than ideal, but the lack of being able to just go back to last night during a time that maybe wasn’t part of the initial triggered “event”. doing that with the wyze cam we were able to see which direction of the street he came from and what time he even showed up, saw that he spent like 10 minutes on sight, then the flare up and subsequent fire. i absolutely love my wyze cams! but unfortunately they could really use some help with lighting in a few spots around here. anyway, keep up the awesome job! i’m currently waiting on my scale and tracker, loving the lock, just hoping to add floods to the collection!

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Welcome to the community.

Yes, Wyze is still working on it. The outdoor camera doesn’t have floodlights as far as I know.


Here’s where you can vote for Integrated bulb / floodlight and camera (not fixture).

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I agree, I would like replaceable batteries too! I also have a friend who has a restaurant setup with Arlo cameras. Being a business he doesn’t want to worry about anything ever being down so he has multiple sets of batteries for everything. It’s a pretty smart way to go.
The people who want extra batteries can buy them and the people who are fine with bringing in the cameras and recharging can still do that if they’d like. Best of both worlds I think!


Will it support RTSP and will it be sold in Canada? Unless it’s a yes to both I will start to look at other options, just need to know so that I don’t waste time waiting.


Wyze doesn’t officially sell anything in Canada.

We’re still making progress on Canadian shipping but I don’t know what that timeline is (especially with the coronavirus impacting travel and such).

I’m not sure about RTSP but I’ll put the request in to the team. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response!! I’m not sure what the release date is on the outdoor camera, but I’m hoping the Canada shipping will be resolved till then. Also, would be quite amazing to have RTSP support (with the current bugs worked out). :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

RTSP for me too!

Wyze is wonderful and I’ll state it but, the outdoor cam is really taking 18mos too long they could have released an official case for a V2 straight out and owned all the secondary markets selling birdhouses for answers and all this time to have been working on whatever may one day come. I’ve reached a point of MEH ! Whatever. Wanna here a fact?. I can’t for the life of me find any step by step anywhere on how to set up rules and apply any of them for my cameras. There’s hints, there’s suggestions but there’s no walkthrough I can find so why bother if it’s 30% of the posts here complaining about updates that disable them routinely. I love Wyze but this hurts interest in moving forward…

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This sort of thing has been my concern for a while. Pretty much anything at the street is nothing more than a low res figure. For faces and license plates it is even worse. Unless you have a camera that is installed at the ROW line in front of your property, my expectations are low. In most cases it seems things have to be around 10-15 feet from the camera to get a reasonably identifiable clear picture. At night limitations get more reliant on how far the IR lights from the camera can travel. I think extra lighting will become more common place to help solve this issue like RING has done. I have seen many videos posted on my RING neighborhood app catching strangers doing all sorts of things but most of them share the same theme of issues not capturing enough detail to even be able to begin thinking about identifying anyone.

Best option I’ve seen is an Arlo Ultra with a separate 850nm IR floodlight for enhanced night illumination. License plates can still be hit or miss because of reflection. Clarity to zoom-in for license plates and faces is better when recording in 4K.

I’m not expecting 4K cameras at the prices Wyze is selling their products.

I haven’t posted much on the forum. Use the Facebook groups more. So I think I read the outdoor cam will have something similar to Blinks sync module. Is this the case? And if so why? Wouldn’t a standalone camera be more versatile?

Really hope the outdoor cams are released soon. My main purpose for them is for trail cams…I so need to replace some of my current cams…I can’t wait much longer. lol

Looking forward to hearing news about the outdoor cam … hopefully soon as I need to implement new hardware soon. I need something that will integrate with my Synology Surveillance station, this was accomplished by using the older rtsp firmwares on my V2’s.

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There you go. Blueprint plus actual picture of the camera. Does not look as pretty as V2 but hope it will work as great as V2 and Pan.
Zatz Not Funny: Wyze Outdoor Cam Nears Release.


Nice! I read the article and it sounds pretty cool. I’m a little confused on why Wyze chose to do a tiny hub for the camera(s) that can supposedly only support 4 cams. I like that there is a micro SD slot in the cameras hopefully 24/7 recording is an option if you leave it plugged in.