Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam

They are a happy middle ground… With an unbeatable price.


Thank you! I can go back under my rock now. Happy Thanksgiving

Even with the outdoor camera delay, the temporary loss of person detection, and the oops release of the update, I would buy stock in this company in heartbeat if were available. I just get a good feeling from all the communication . . . and the great products.

Sorry to hear that! But, I have heard that you will be able to plug it in. Just no POE

Just got email stating person detection is being removed from next firmware update!

That was announced 2 days ago

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Curious what the big pushback is to battery only and why this can’t be a serious security camera without it?

I’m just a novice obviously, but if it requires power, that’s a dealbreaker for me unfortunately, with the layout of my house. Not sure what POE is also.

A camera that runs off of ONLY battery power has some inherent limitations. Most notably, you can’t really choose to continuously record, since that would drain the battery in a matter of hours. That means you need to trigger the camera to start recording with a PIR (passive infrared) sensor, but it’s hard to tune those perfectly in an outdoor environment. You can adjust the sensitivity, but in most scenarios, you’ll get SOME false positives or false negatives. Also, since the camera isn’t powered until triggered by the PIR sensor, that means you may miss the very earliest moment of the motion. The V2 camera, by contrast, uploads a video that includes about 2 seconds before the motion starts.

But this is not a “battery only” camera, per se. You can leave it plugged in. Wyze hasn’t yet confirmed whether it will allow continuous recording when plugged in, or if it will continue to function in the same mode as it does when battery-powered.

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Hopefully, since it CAN be corded, one can pick, in the App software, what mode of recording can be used; and with each method of recording a warning regarding the method selected, and a range of how long the battery may be expected to last under that selection… and a statement that “your mileage may vary.” So continuously recording can happen in wired mode, but under battery mode the battery would last 1.5 days. And in PIR mode the battery will be expected to last up to two months… or something like that.


On battery power, assuming a form factor similar to the existing V2 camera, you’d be lucky to get 3-4 hours in continuous recording mode. Just FYI. I know you were just using a random example, but 1.5 days isn’t even close to what the reality would be.

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Super helpful. Thanks for explaining. Makes sense.

Blink and other batteries last a year+. I don’t expect that from WYZE since it’s much more budget friendly, but surely it’ll last at least a few months on a single charge. Right?

I’d assume somewhat similar battery life, if operated in a mode similar to Blink. But that’s a bigger caveat than you might realize. Blink only delivers about 5.5 hours of video over a battery’s lifetime. Their 2-year estimate are based on SUPER short clips and very few of them per day. Most people probably change these default settings.

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That’s what I’m hoping for also.


Maybe you should reword that a little . It would be just an ornament without power :wink:

Me three

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Maybe one approach is to make an indoor hub with the processing power and storage necessary for all the features, and have the external camera just be the camera with IR lights and the transmitter. It would need minimum internal processing support. The hub could even be built to support multiple external cameras. Based on your current products, it wouldn’t have to me much larger than the original Wyze Cam. Just a thought…

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Even with person detection, the battery consumption is about running the detection, not about how many notifications result from it. Video detection processing uses a lot of battery. PIR detection uses very little and the processor can sleep while that is PIR detection is going on.

POE is not a deal breaker for me, but battery power only, like Blink, is.

Even the Blink can be powered. It has a micro USB port for that.

It turns out the solar power kits 3rd parties sell for the Blink typically have their own internal batteries, which might make those kits of interest to Wyze owners. (They are basically a small battery bank charged by a sizeable solar panel, providing 5 volt power to the micro USB port).


It’s been confirmed that it will use a hub. It will house the SD card. Not sure if multiple cameras will connect to one hub.

Can you send a link to something applicable?