Outdoor plug discovery issues

Got 2 outdoor plugs and connected to app, worked for few days, plugs should offline in the app. Removed it and now I cannot add them back. Adding the device thru wouldn’t discover the plug… multiple reset, switched phones no luck…

Any thoughts? I had one from Walmart from several years ago, never ONCE lost connection or had any issues, survived north CA WINTERS rain etc…

Called support twice, rep hung up… trying to “do something” on his end., not sure what… wait times are terribly long… doesn’t feel support would be of any help… both rep seemed clueless… one of them said I’m playing with device on my end., and I wondered without any connection from my device :grinning:

LED blinking blue

Following and looking for a factory re-set option.

Same issue, except I didn’t remove mine from App. Won’t reconnect to internet.

Sent 2 different tickets with no response at all. Plugs are still energized hoping that they will some day find wifi again, but has temporarily(?) been replaced by my old Walmart Geeni, which has never given any trouble or lost internet.