Outdoor Cams Record Events But Give Error Code 6 When Trying To View

Have 4 Wyze Outdoor Cams and 1 Base Station which are all located less than 50 feet apart from each other. All four cameras record events, but when trying to view events I receive an Error Code 6. All have the latest firmware, all have been rebooted multiple times and have tried other troubleshooting tips to no avail. Events always are unviewable.


My Outdoor Cam was recording just fine until I added Cam Plus. Now it notifies me of an event, but when I try to view I see it is marked as zero seconds, and I get an Error 6 Unable to Download Video from Cloud. I’ve tried everything too.

I have the exact same problem with my outdoor cameras and has been happening for a couple months now ever since I hooked them up and activated Cam Plus, but never used the cameras without Cam Plus so, that is new interesting information. Tried everything I could think of and recently moved the base station about ten feet closer to the cameras. Think the 10 foot move may have lessened the problem, but it still happens. Maybe try moving your base station closer to the cameras if possible and see if that lessens the issue for you.

After rebooting and trying various combinations for detection, filter, CamPlus on/off, now my Outdoor Cam does not detect anything except when I grab it and take it down. Even then, with CamPlus, it is a zero second notice on my iphone app, but of course disappears when I switch to Events and refresh for recent events. I emailed today and asked for a replacement unit. I ordered mine early so maybe I got an early model or faulty one. It is not CamPlus that is causing the problem as I wondered at one point. It just does not “see” events any more. Perhaps the PIR component has gone bad.

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Is everyone still experiencing “error code 6”?

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Yes, I am still experiencing the error code 6 on my last two events. One capture someone walking on my property without notice which I would like to view.

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I just signed up for CamPlus, received my first notification, but when I went to view it, I received Code 6. Prior to subscribing to Cam Plus, I was able to view my events.

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@gmomkraussmj Welcome to the Wyze community! This is a known issue and Wyze is aware of it.

I occasionally get this error (Code 06) on my v3 cams as well.

The following steps help temporarily but doesn’t fix it completely. Turn off/deactivate Cam Plus, power cycle your camera, and then reactivate Cam plus.

You can also try these suggestions from the support article below.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Log out of the Wyze app, then log back in.
  2. Return to your Events, then try to load the video again.

If you continue to have the issue, please send us a log to help us investigate the issue.

To submit a log:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Video Doorbell .
  2. Tap the Settings gear on the top right.
  3. Tap Wyze Support > Submit a Log > Event Video .
  4. Fill out the form.
  5. Make sure you select Send log files so that it sends the logs with the request.
  6. Tap the Submit button when you are ready to submit the report.