Cameras recording events that I can’t view

My WYZE Pan cam & my original WYZE cam records 3-4 seconds of motion, person or sounds & when I go to view the event I Always get a error code of .06 which I was told that means my cameras are off line but those same event recorded longer by my Pan Cam I can view so I highly doubt it’s my internet connection. It’s just frustrating that’s all. Another issue I found is that I’ll have an event that says “person-5min” event recorded. When I do to view the 5 minute event, it only plays 1 minute or slightly over 1 minute. Like what’s up with that. I’ve reported it & the WYZE rep was even confused. I save them just so when I’m able to I can send them to them & they can figure out what’s going on. Btw, I use my indoor cameras in my enclosed porch windows to see in front of my home. I was one of the first hundreds of customers who got my cameras when they only offered indoor cameras but they still serve the same purpose. But I also think that because WYZE has upgraded to outdoor cameras as well is why my events aren’t recording the motion orb person fit as long as that thing is in view of the cameras.

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Is the V1 Wyze camera you’re having issues with?
I don’t believe V1s are compatible with Cam Plus. The Cam Plus website doesn’t mention being compatible with V1 cameras.

One of my Outdoor Cams keeps reporting 5m events even though I have it limited to 30sec. None o the “events” can be viewed and all it does is run down the battery. I have another Outdoor Cam with the same settings and it works fine. I keep hoping that a firmware update will fix the issue.