Outdoor camera usb port cover

Are there any after market covers for the USB ports for outdoor camera?

I am guessing you are talking about the little rubber cover that seals the charging port on the bottom back off the cam… I doubt you will find one but you could get a small roll of self fusing silicone tape 3/4" or 1 inch wide and wrap it around the bottom portion of the cam. If you use it correctly by stretching it while you apply it makes a great water proof seal. easy on, easy off and leaves no sticky residue

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I am talking about that little cover.
Thanks for the tip on the tape.

Can you use outdoor “rate” tape?
because self fusing silicone tape is not cheap.

3.33 yards at Home Depot $8.98, Five feet on Amazon $5.99, Harbor Freight $4.49 for 10 feet. That tape goes a long way when used correctly, it stretches very far and makes a tight seal. Yes you can use outdoors.

*** There are many videos on the internet on how to correctly stretch and use it.