Outdoor Cam- do you use a cover over cam or tape over reset hole and charging port

The reset button, the on/off button and USB port ( even though it’s covered with a plug) seem to be exposed. Do you put tape or other over this area? Have there been any problems with water and the Outdoor Cam?

I see that full silicone jackets are available for these cameras from 3rd parties, but I wonder if they could cause excessive heat buildup. Is anyone using a cover?

Are you powering the Outdoor Camera full time? The original design was to be battery-powered with that power port closed during operation outdoors. If you are powering it full-time, then a V3 cam may have been a better choice. The Outdoor Camera is really meant for battery-only situations.

As shipped, the Outdoor Camera has an IP65 rating, which means it is water resistant (Protected against water jets from any angle), but can NOT be submerged.


I’m not powering it full time and do have the silicon plug in place but the reset hole remains exposed. The camera is positioned in a garden that is exposed to watering but nothing excessive. It seems like the ports and reset hole could have been positioned on the bottom. With the camera pointing downward the back could easily be a catch for snow and ice.

But these are just thoughts for future cameras, in all other regards I’m really happy with the performance and quality.

Hi Brandbird … I’ve been using WCO (Wyze Camera Outdoors) since inception. I’ve never covered up the reset hole. But if you are concerned, go ahead and use a small piece of tape.

I wouldn’t worry about the silicon plug failing. I have three WCOs outside that have been deployed for more than two years … in rain, sleet, snow and hot summer sun.

The WCO doesn’t build up much heat due to the fact that it’s a PIR camera … meaning it’s turned off 99% of the time and only “wakes up” when it senses a heat signature. As a result, it will build up snow and ice because of its “cool” running temperature.

However, there is absolutely no need to cover the entire camera with an after market cover. I’d steer clear of that!

Also, remember NOT TO HANG a WCO upside down! That orientation is not recommended!

Have fun with your cameras!


BlockquoteI have three WCOs outside that have been deployed for more than two years … in rain, sleet, snow and hot summer sun.

good to hear!

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Where is the reset button?

I think they are talking about the little pinhole on the back with the LED in there. I wasn’t aware it’s a reset button, I think it’s only a status LED.

I haven’t taken a WCO apart, but I’m guessing that hole has something blocking water from entering the rest of the cam.

Also, I have 4 WCOs, have had 2 of them since they came out and have had no issues with waterproofing.