Wyze Plug Outdoor with charger work to remote control charging of WCO?

Can you use Wasserstein 25ft/7.6m Weatherproof Outdoor Charger Compatible with Wyze Cam Outdoor in conjunction with Wyze Plug Outdoor to remote control charging of WCO to maintain charge without constant power to the cam?

That is a bit tricky to answer. If something does happen to the camera, it would likely violate the warranty. Looking at that charger (if it is the same one I see on Amazon.) The spot I do not see that is waterproof is the USB power brink USB port. It looks like water could get in there and is not protected.

It is there on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Wasserstein-Weatherproof-Outdoor-Compatible-Included/dp/B08P482LNS?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1 Unless you are talking about the the plug in end to the charger, that plugs into the Wyze Plug Outdoor, not sure about that end, but the end that goes into the camera does show the seal.

yeah, that is the same one I saw.

My idea would be to have that end inside anyway, just use the Wyze Plug Outdoor to control the charge to the camera, so I wouldn’t have to go to the plug-in and disconnect physically, just use the remote function of the WPO to do that.

In theory, it would work. Is there any reason not to get a V3 camera and run that cable inside as that camera has a bit more functionally?

Well, I just got started with this the other day. I saw the WCO on sale at the store and bought one, knowing nothing about the Wyze systems. I agree now, that after reading and researching that the V3 would be a better choice. But since I am new to this and the price was so good I thought it would be a good way to start.

That makes sense. it should work. but it might violate the warranty.

Also just want to make sure that you got the starter kit and not just the camera add-on?

the starter kit includes the base station.

Yes, it was the starter kit, and since the price was so good for those, I asked elsewhere on this forum about using other cameras from another starter kit to add to the first one’s base, and add other starter kit cams to that base. Was told that would work. As I thought, the cams are all the same as the add-on cams minus the base. The price was far better to buy more starter kits than to buy add-on cams. So I end up with extra bases, no big deal.

cool. You should be all set.

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A powered cam should be a V3. A remote battery cam outside a powered range should be an Outdoor Camera.

The idea was to use the WPO to charge the WCO when needed, not to supply continuous power. Meant to make recharging easier.