Outdoor Camera paired with Lightbulb

Hello, I recently bought by first Wyze lightbulb. I’m trying to use it as a motion sensor light. I have figured out how to have it turn on when the outdoor camera motion sensor is triggered. And, within the lightbulb, I can add a timer to turn it off within a period of time. However, the switch to turn it off appears to be just a one time trigger. What is the best way to have the light turn on when triggered then turn off after a period of time repeatedly? Any help is appreciated.

Set a Rule on the Bulb to turn off after it has been on a selected amount of time.

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Thank you for the response. In addition to adding the original rule of turning on, I just added a new rule for
When: the light has been on for 1 min
Do: Action-turn off

Not sure what I’m missing, but it’s not turning off.
One step I also did was to turn the switch on & off…not sure if it needed a “reset”
Are the rules competing with one another? It’s only supposed to turn on when the motion is triggering it.

I assume the rule is a trigger?

I recommend you use the App to turn the Bulb off. Then get the camera to trigger it on and see if the rule works.

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That worked! That was the secret. Turn the light off with the app. Then the triggers worked to turn off & on. Thank you!