Outdoor Camera not Detecting motion

I reached out for assistance via Wyze Support.

All steps were followed, turned off wifi, logged out of app, downloaded beta, updated firmware, inserted SD card ect. NOTHING!

There seems to one be one motion detection after the camera is turned back on if turned off.

I really think my unit is defective and a replacement should be given.

Reference ticket 774016

Hi @Raheem and welcome to the Community!

Noticed you may be running Beta software w/unexpected results.
Are you running current release and still having problems? (September 9, 2020) WOC (September 9, 2020) Base


Thank you for the welcome and for your assistance. Yes those are the current firmwares for the WOC and base. I just received the other 3 WOC units today and tested one it it works great with no issues detecting motion. The starter pack must have had a defective camera. What are your thoughts on troubleshooting?

Update the FW using the manual mode. How to FLASH manually
If you still have problems:
Reply to the generic eMail sent to you when opening the Support Case. Restate the problem and detail all the things you’ve already tried but were unable to isolate the problem.

Oops la! You have an Outdoor Camera and there is no reset button to manually load the FW.
Update: If you’ve already replied to the Support eMail wait couple days for reply.

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I was instructed by Wyze support to manually update the FW. I replied back to let them know that I don’t have a SD card reader to upload the FW. I’ll wait for a response and hopefully I’m able to do an even exchange.

What is FW?

Firm Ware / firmware, the Non-volatile memory in a device which contains instructions for the processor to execute when power is applied or reset 0. (much like iOS BIOS)


Well put!

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