Outdoor camera longer radar range

There are many locations where a longer motion detection range is applicable. Example are further down the driveway, out to the sidewalk or in the back yard onto a pool area, pond or edge of the woods. The current 30ft isn’t far enough.

Often there is a lag between detection and recording. A further radar dection setting would help start the recording at a more useful distance.

I have noticed other competing brands of outdoor camera offering 50 ft or more detection but i don’t wish to mix my camera brands.

It would be great to set the range distance at 20, 30, 50 feet to maximize the performance of the camera to the particular location and use.

Agreed - an increased range would be nice. Even if it means we get more notifications when nothing is there. At least that way we may capture more things that are.

Have you tried v3 cameras? All of my v3 cameras are aimed through double pane windows with Detection Sensitivity set to 90. Here is a sample video from today. Wyze AI tagged this as Person even in the dark.

That is an awesome capture. What does the app say the distance for video capture can be set to ? The Battery Cam Pro allows me to go out to 30 feet.

I would estimate the person in the video is about 60 feet away.