Outdoor Camera Base issue

I have one base, four outdoor cameras, and two pan cams set up. In order to install more outdoor cameras, I need to install an additional base. I am unable to set up an additional base (I’ve tried two separate ones) successfully. I tried one, setup a replacement but neither work. The device is not found. I then attach to the device bind SSID. With my cell data turned off, I have internet connectivity through the base so I know that there is connectivity. After I attach to the bind SSID, the Wyze app states “Please Wait”. After a couple minutes, the message disappears, but the app does nothing. I see that there is an announcement that there are issues with Apple IOS. When is this fix expected? Or should I move ahead in returning the 2 bases and 4 cameras?

I hope so.

Should be available as soon as it appears in the App Store. A trick on that: If you don’t see it in the list of iOS apps to update, then be sure to “pull down to refresh” the list.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station setup