Outdoor camera as game camera

Is it possible to use a wise outdoor camera as a game camera in an area with no Wi-Fi? And if the camera was in a tree would it be possible to walk up to the base of the tree turn on the phone hotspot access the camera through the hotspot and download any recorded videos? Finally how much video could be recorded in stored on the camera it’s self ?

This is a no…you need the base station, I believe, to access the video without removing the SD card. Not sure about travel mode. I have a real game camera that gives me that functionality. I added a cellular connection device to it so it can also upload photos to the web server of the manufacturer for my viewing. Also can email me some pictures.

In travel mode, you can access the live feed and albums when in range of the camera. So, yes you would be able to access the camera and albums after a period of time away from it by walking within range and connecting to it.

You would have to have an SD card to record anything. The camera itself has no memory.

What? Wyze is selling trees with WiFi hotspots?


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You didn’t get the new product announcement?


NOOOO!!! :cry:

The battery-powered Outdoor Cam doesn’t make a great Game Camera.

The SD card doesn’t save events. Those normally go to the cloud on the Outdoor Camera, and you have no connection. So they would evaporate.

You can do Time Lapses to the SD card, but I doubt that would suit you, and that can wear down the battery quickly if the frames are taken very close together.

You can do Scheduled Recording to the SD card, but then the battery would die in a day, and what you would have for your trouble is a SD card that does not index any events. So you’d need to take it home and run it at a fast rate using something like VLC Player on a computer.