Can I use a wyze cam in outdoor remote location

Is there a wyze cam that will allow me to setup recording in a remote location (so no ac outlet, wifi or Internet).

Can provide power using power bank and local sd card for recording.

Will I be able to use the wyze app in the remote location to change camera and recording settings?

What features i can change to minimize power consumption?

Any other issues I need to be aware of?

The only camera that will do that is the Battery Powered WYZE Cam Outdoor either version one or two.
You would have to put the camera in Travel Mode. To record to the SD in the cam you would have to set it up for scheduled event recording motion only. You can use the app if you have cell data on.
Read about features of the WCO: Scheduled recording and travel mode: I guess you could set up a V3 with a power pack and Wi-Fi and move it and even if the Wi-Fi is lost it will record to the SD but if the battery dies your are out of luck and won’t be able to set it up to record again without available Wi-Fi.