Outdoor camera and Wyze Sense offline

Thanks for the late night confirmation. Senses are coming back online and the backlog of triggers are coming through. I’ll give it time, assume like last time we just have to wait for the backlog to clear.


Yup! Once you get through the backlog, you should be set. In the meantime, sorry about that, @flyingchipmunk . :grimacing:

@Hack-Saw, thanks for the support! :smiley:

This is horrific. Yikes. Are you telling me that the people at Wyze decided that they were going to do a maintenance outage in the middle of prime time US? Granted, I understand maintenance would hit some part of the world, but I would probably think to atleast WARN your customers with some kind of proactive notification instead of having them all second guess and mess around and trying to figure why all of their wyze sense devices were offline…

Perception is 9/10 reality and right now perception of my wyze sensors are that they are flakey, unreliable, and trash…

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This was not our decided on timing and we agree that we would have chosen a different time if possible. We apologize for the poor experience you had tonight.

@WyzeGwendolyn Thanks for the quick response. I don’t mean to turn this toxic, but just a little frustrated. Would it be possible to pass along the suggest to do an active notification through the app that there are service issues next time? I literally spent 30 minutes trying to figure out why this tech was busted.

You’re welcome. I definitely understand your frustration! We’re working on ways to send information like that through the app (it’s part of why we’re using Braze now) and working toward changes that will allow us to be more proactive with such messaging. We’re sorry you spent that time troubleshooting this issue.

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My motion sensors are back down again. Plug and bulb status (on/off switches) via Wyze app behaving oddly. I assume Wyze is still working this issue.

Just checked here at 11:30 est, everything is offline still @WyzeGwendolyn is this more than maintenance? This is a long outage.

so this begs the question, what exactly does “offline” mean for the outdoor cam? was it really designed to require AWS to be functional? what is and isn’t working for the outdoor camera while it’s “offline”? I know I can view live video but what about detection and recording, it’s sd card, the SD card in the base?

how crippling to the base and outdoor camera is a loss of AWS? this seems so far the biggest con I’ve found with it.

Also, if restarting the base is required to recover from this scenario please add the ability to remote restart it.

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Took awhile but as of 4pm est all my devices are back online and rules are working. It’s worth noting I had to physically power off and back on the outdoor base station to recover the camera from being “offline”. Really would be nice to have a remote restart function for the base.

The first and obvious thing most people do (I would think) when these go down is check the app, reboot the device, etc. Especially when it first happens before there are others posting on the forum. This is really annoying and a waste of time when it turns out it’s something outside on the server side. There really should be some sort of notice on the app for anything done on purpose like maintenance so we don’t run around trying to fix stuff that isn’t broken on our end.


Wyze has been very disappointing. I’ve given up. They just don’t seem to care

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I learned my lesson very early, if things all of a sudden start going wacko do not start troubleshooting right off the bat , because there is a good chance that all your going to do is make things worse
the problem that happened on the fifth, I did absolutely nothing , on the sixth everything worked perfectly.
A pop up notification in the app , warning of a problem should absolutely be implemented


I set mine up yesterday, setup went fine and firmware was upgraded. Later in the day camera says offline and power cycling everything didn’t help. Deleted the camera and added it again then it worked. Got up this morning and camera is offline again. Sigh…thanks for the paperweight with a cowboy hat.

I set mine up yesterday and it hasn’t been offline even once, even when I had it out 70 feet from the base

@WyzeGwendolyn New used for the outdoor camera. Its been a week and camera shows online livestream works but no the notifications for movement since the thing shows off. I have updated firmware, turned off and on the camera. Power off and on the base and unfortunately nothing is working.
What’s your advise??

Thank you!!

Did you get a response ? My outdoor cam has been acting up for a few days now. It shows as being off line. The app is frozen. I cannot even turn on and off. it just shows the broken cloud. I never had trouble with it until this past week.

No, mine is totally broken. I have restarted, uninstall installed again. And changed networks but nothing.

My outdoor wyze cams are all showing offline, but I am able to get livestream. I tried force stopping the app. Any ideas what’s going on @WyzeGwendolyn ?