Outdoor Cam without base?

Is there ANY way to use the outdoor Cams WITHOUT the base station? the coverage is crap (or I expect too much…) I have 4 Meraki Access Points to cover my house and garage, and signal covers the yard as well. But a single base station to cover cameras in the back and the front? Not gonna happen I guess (it does not work even feet away on my deck). If I could just join them to MY WiFi, it would work fine… plenty of strong signal. but as it is, I can’t use. Any experience? hacks? secret handshakes? (I build wireless networks for a living, just to set the audience correctly).


@techmaster since you are in the “biz” my hail mary idea is that once you have the connected to the base, will they talk to a wifi extender? is this a macgyver way of doing it? yes. RF noisey? yes. will it work? depends are they married to the Wyze MAC or the SSID? my bet is the MAC, but since you have comercial level equipment available, if you can spoof the MAC then …

for those who may come across this and think I can DIY this, if you do not use these acronyms in caps as part of your daily workday, this is not for you.