Outdoor Cam v2 purchase

Where can I purchase the Outdoor Cam v2 by itself, without the Base Station? I dont see in the stores where I can buy the cam just by itself. I already have a base station. Dont need 2 or more stations.

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I believe this is what you want.

Yes. But why doesnt Wyze site have any to purchase without the Base?

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I did not see the camera only on the Wyze site. I have purchased Wyze cameras at Home Depot without any problems.

Good point. My outdoor cam V2 quit charging, and Wyze gave me a refund credit, but I can’t use the credit to buy a replacement at Wyze, cause they don’t sell just the camera.

So why doesnt Wyze sell OC v2 by itself? Especially if you’re able to pair 4 OC v2 to 1 base. To make some me here believe you need a OC v2 per base. Stupid.