Outdoor Cam v2 - Blue Horizontal Lines

Hi All,

I’m in a class for few weeks and packed in a bit of a hurry. Once I got here I realized I failed to pack a Wyze Cam to do a timelapse of the build and found Outdoor V2s for sale at Home Depot about an hour away. 2 hours later I’m back with a v2 Outdoor and it is set up and working… sort of.

These blue / purple lines slowly roll down the image.

I have:
Removed it from it’s base and restarted it (with the switch)
Removed the SD card and restarted it bare

There isn’t any new software for the camera itself, though the base station had updated. The lines were there before and after the update.

Any thoughts?

I’d move it to a new location, maybe looking out a window to eliminate any environmental weirdness (like local interference or some lighting issue). If you still see the lines, then you may need to return it to Home Depot for a replacement… :neutral_face: