Outdoor Cam V1 photos only?

Good morning folks.

I have an 8gb SD card in the Outdoor Cam and a 128gb in the base.

I’m certain that the cam detects motion but only sends a photo.

And the capacity in both SD cards are still 0gb and I have no play back.

Is this normal? I haven’t fussed with cam plus yet, Is that absolutely necessary even if I have SD cards in all my cameras?

You need to sign up for cam plus lite to receive the 12 second clips or sign up for cam plus , whichever you want to get

If you don’t have a license assigned to the camera you will only get the photos

There has never been playback from the base or the Camera. You can playback from the cam if you do scheduled event recording but you have to download the video to your device from the cam album to view.
The 128GB card is the base is not compatible unless you change the card format from exFAT to FAT32.
A 32GB card in the base will work just fine since most 12 second motion events are 1MB or less.
If you use cam plus there will not be any backup to the base, if you use cam plus lite there will be backup to the base if you turn it on in the cam settings.
This as about 5,570 video event recordings from 4 Version 1 WCO in the last 10 months. The SD also has a thumbnail photo for each video.


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The formatting is fine, everything is FAT32.
Bottom line is I just want the camera to record to the SD Card if there is motion and for me to be able to view the footage of such motion. Why did they make this convoluted? Forget the Base station for a moment, I only recently put a big one in there thinking that my 8GB was malfunctioning outside. It seems like that is not the case.

Thank You for your reply,
So I need Cam Plus lite just to record any type of motion to an SD Card that is physically in the outdoor unit. and a subscription just to view back the footage that was recorded?

There are two types of recording with the WCO and all the other cams. With cam plus and cam plus lite you will get videos recorded and saved on the WYZE servers for 14 days and you can view them via the events page on the app. The cam plus lite videos are only 12 seconds long and there is a cooldown period of 1 min that the cam will not record between events. On Cam plus the cam will record as long as motion continues and there is no cooldown period. The SD card in the WCO camera is for Time Lapse recording, Travel mode and scheduled event recording. If you want to record to an SD, Set the scheduled event recording for 30 days, motion only, duration of each video event up to 5 min. each event and set no cooldown. The camera will record to the SD as long as motion continues. To view what is on the SD you either need to take the card out and view on a PC or device with card reader or go to the cam album and download to view. You do not need CP or CP lite to do scheduled event recording. Go here and scroll down to view how to set up recording to the SD in the WCO:

Sched. events in album:


Can you do power at that location? A standard fixed-view V3 is always a better fit if so. 24-hour live recording if you desire it, with no battery to wear down. :slight_smile:

Cam Plus Lite is pay what you like, so you can pay $0 if you want to. Depends if you want to help Wyze defray cost of the servers.

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