Outdoor Cam - No Night Vision on Recorded Events

Since the last firmware update on the Outdoor Cam, I’m getting alerts for recorded events in the evening that are pitch black with no night vision on. If I go to the cam for a live feed, I can see my vehicles in the driveway. But on recorded events, the image is nearly pitch black, and you cannot see anything around the two vehicles other than stray light reflections on the glass from passing by vehicles.

This totally negates the purpose of the camera. I have motion detection set for evening & overnight hours and if the recorded events don’t show anything, what is the point of the camera? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Could you please upload some of the videos with this issue and/or screenshots of the events page? I haven’t experienced this issue.
Also, make sure that night vision is set to “auto” or “on” in the camera livestream.

Night Vision is on Auto at all times. Camera view while in a live stream is fine. Oddly enough, it’s happened two nights in a row at the same exact time (7:02pm). In both video’s, you can see the Night Vision glitch off at the very beginning of the recording.


Might be related to increased power draw when recording? What’s the battery percent and outdoor temperature when it happens?

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I also have this problem, although I noticed the problem after recharging. My images are the same as jdfancher’s. I had my setting on ‘auto’ but changed to ‘on’ with no change in output.