What's going on with my outdoor cam

This camera has worked well and had a great night time immage. I charged it recently and not the night time picture is HORRIBLE.

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Same here . When v opening the live view, the camera turns on , night vision is set to auto , so the night vision turns on , then off , then on , and then ultimately off at the end and I can’t see nothing.

It’s set to auto night vision, and the ir lights are on yet it doesn’t keep night vision on .

Looks like auto night vision on my WCO v2 is now finally working !

I updated the camera just now , and it seems to have fixed the auto night vision issue I was having .

Have you updated yours today ?

Did the lighting change at all? It depends heavily on lighting conditions for the color night vision, so if you changed anything nearby it could effect it.

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Nothing has changed with lighting. Its in the same place it has been since I bought the cam. Same outdoor light. The auto night feature is on. I just all of the sudden started havign a very dark picture.

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Do you have a picture when it was working well?