Outdoor Cam No Events

So, I received my WOC. I see no events being generated. So, I joined this community forum and see that many other users experience the same.
I also want to ask: Why do I need the WOC Base? I already have 3 other cams and a scale to view these devices on my phone. Seems like that is overkill,



welcome to the club, literally dozens of threads about this problem.

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What is the signal strength like when The cam is In place. Try moving the cam closer to the base station, and let us know if that helps.

If the cam doesn’t have signal you won’t get an alert and possibly not get any recordings either.

As I posted earlier (and I think this was done in the upgrade) make sure the alert bell does NOT have any zzz after it.

Thanks for trying to help but yes I’ve gone through all the troubleshooting steps. my return/replacement is already happening.

Signal strength is excellent. I am only 15 ft. from the base. I am trying to understand this thing. It is different from the other 3 WCs I have.

first things first, I noticed I didn’t answer one of your questions “Why do I need the WOC Base?”. My understanding is that the base station is required to help improve battery life, but I don’t have specifics for that.

As far as your detections problems, have you checked all the settings in the app? there should be a bell icon at the top (no ZZZ or line threw it), you will need to confirm the detection settings for the cam, and finally events won’t trigger when your accessing the camera.

check out the video on this thread for more details on these steps.

If you have confirmed all these things and are still having trouble, you might have a defective unit on your hands. If that is the case i would recommend contacting support, but remember to be patient with them, apparently, they have lots of tickets rite now.