Outdoor cam night vision not working

I’ve been noticing for awhile now that one of my outdoor cameras night vision doesn’t turn on. Last night I was looking through my cameras, around 9pm, so it’s quite dark, and everything was dark except lights from surrounding areas. I toggled through auto, on, and off (it’s set to auto), and after going through each setting maybe 2-3 times, the night vision finally turned on. I did notice though that when I switched from off to auto/on, the display changed from black to a dark gray.

I have swapped locations with another outdoor camera wondering if the issue was still there, and it is.

I have also had recordings where the night vision is on at the beginning of the recording, then shuts off about a second into it. One time I was about 3 feet away from it, it recorded me, but the night vision wasn’t on.

Firmware is updated to

Any ideas?

This video is from this morning.

Based on your firmware version I believe you have a Version One WCO. Do you have the setting for IR lights turned on? The IR lights will only come on when the camera detects motion. I believe there are 4 IR Lights ?, if you walk in front of the camera in the dark you should see the Red IR lights come on. I have 4 WCO version one cams and the night vision still works in AUTO. The IR light work best when they have something to reflect off of.

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