Outdoor Cam - lens flair

When my outdoor cam is triggered for motion it has 4 seconds of lens flair and then another seconds to clear itself up. Also when set to auto for the infrared it wont toggle from day to night on it own, its just stuck on night mode. Both the cam and the base have been updated to the latest firmware. Ive even started a support ticket with a video example but thats been 2 weeks now and ive had no reply.

Welcome to the forums! Are you able to post a video example here? Have you checked your junk email folder just in case the support reply ended up there? What is your ticket number? And just to confirm you have a support ticket number, and not just a submitted log number? Once the ticket number is provided, I can send that up to get new eyes on it and check it status for you.

Good morning, im sorry i dont have either of the numbers your asking about. i think after a whole week went by i just deleted them thinking it wouldnt be responded to. I can certainly resubmit and provide number then?

Also i cant upload the video as “new users cant upload” according to the little message that pops.

I have fixed it so you can upload now

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awesome, thank you.

Looks like it is stuck with night vision on for sure. Does it switch to color in the day time if you manually turn night vision off?

Did you try to power cycle it,turn it to off

What firmware version numbers are on the camera and base? Did you contact support via chat or a phone call to start a ticket? Or did you submit a log through the app? It it was just a log, those can be accessed by going into the app under account/wyze support/log history. If you provided your Wyze account email if you contacted Support useing one of the mentioned methods, it might be able to be looked up on their end

Next time don’t delete these emails without copying down the associated number for reference later. :slight_smile:

It does toggle from night to day when i manually switch it. It still flares when it is set to daytime. the flare is just a lot quicker. 1.5 sec id say.

firmware on cam is
Firmware on base is

It has been power cycled and charged.

I have re contacted support and submitted a ticket through the website. Im going throught the same motions with them now.