Dimmed image from outdoor camera when in the dark (night time)

Wyze Cam Outdoor
Detection Settings:
Close/Far: 70
Sensitivity Low/High: 70
Detection Zone: On (but likely irrelevant, for my case, in my tests)
PIR: covering about 75-80% from the bottom up

So I would go on iOS to the camera overlooking a backyard. The first couple of seconds the image is bright and well-lit all the way to the back fence, but then over the course of 2-3 seconds, the image darkens in the distance and increases in contrast overall. At the end of this, the image is bright and contrast-y in the PIR Effective Area, but not at all beyond that (eventually, the “top” zone is pure darkness).

I am not sure this is the intended behavior (maybe it is?). There are a lot of variables at play here and I am just not really available to test out every and all combinations… If any user out there has experienced this, or has anything of value to add here, that would be most welcome.

Thanks for your time checking this out.

Power cycle the base/hub and the camera also sign out/in on your app

Any similarities to this?

Copy sounds like a component failure

Well, I did a number of things. Power cycled the camera, updated the firmware, changed the camera’s angle-to-ground (upwards) so that the effective PIR area covers more of the background. I am not sure which of these actions helped the most but at this time I am ok with what I see constantly “illuminated” in the dark.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in.