Outdoor cam impressions so far

Sensors are not great. Even with my outside garage lights on and side fence lights on they are not great. I have a pan camera inside my house through a frosted glass door 7.5 metres away from the outdoor cam and the indoor camera will alert me that the outside lights have come on, but not the out door cam, maybe asking too much, not sure. Really really bad is the delay in notifications, I know that they may be working on this, but to wait so long for an out door cam to come out and find the notifications take this long is really bad especially as the competition is much much better. This may be why the price point is so low.
Not sure what else to say…:cry:
Quick update. A cat has just set off my ring cam both coming and going, not even a notification received :yawning_face:

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I think that the WOC is a work unfinished. But I knew what I was risking in expecting a $50 camera to do anything that my $150 blink doesn’t.

What I perceive I received is better communication setup than Blink (the “hub” on Blink is a tiny usb plugin and in a different class than a multi antenna hub like WOC.

I have seen enough complaints on the WOC motion capture that I don’t think your are unique in yours. My Blink Cam is VERY good at motion detection, but I’m running and XT1 and have no Person Detection (don’t think current does either) and I don’t think they have a solution for that.

If the sensor is not capable, that will be a big issue, but I believe it’s more a matter of allowing an adjustment to be made by the end user as it will be determined by application and the trade off is increased detection for frequency of service of batteries.

I have had mine shelfed after I had my WiFi which had been rock solid even with the load I have, suddenly dropping my v2 cams and my Wyze sense with them (I still have the sense on the cams).

I didn’t return it as I do not think it’s a show stopper as I think it’s addressable by adjustments not yet exposed through the app.

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This is because the outdoor camera uses a PIR (passive infrared) sensor and the indoor cameras use a pixel -based sensor algorithm. The outdoor camera will only pick up people and animals that are close and large enough to trigger it.

On another note…
Blink cameras have to be connected to their hub and your WiFi.
Wyze outdoor cameras only have to be connected to the base because the base is connected to your network. Similar to some Arlo cameras.

Yep, I understand that low power needs in battery cams are extreme. The ability based on install needs to adjust sensitivity is, however, not unusual.

Not sure why the blink hub construct vs your hub construct would impact sensor decisions.

Use case:
Cam is mounted overlooking driveway for a height of 20 feet.

Wyze may have made decisions based on price, time, other reasons or limitations.
I cannot confirm anything.

Thank you for not confirming, I appreciate the lack of it. :wink:

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its not chipmunk proof :frowning:


Does the PIR sensor still work?

Ah I see what about the cats. Still didn’t get them and still doesn’t!!!

My outdoor cam sends a notification when my cat walks in front of it. It also has done the same for a groundhog that runs around in my back yard.