Outdoor cam fails to reconnect

I have the outdoor cam and if the base station loses power it will not reconnect to the camera. I have waited an hour and still hasn’t reconnected. It says to power the camera which takes a two story ladder to do.

Second, I have a main address and a shared address. It will not activate person detection even though I have signed up more than once. Keeps showing me either nothing available or the pilot program. I do not want cam plush.

The other shortcoming is a minute between 12 second recordings. Do u know how much can happen in a minute?

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Hi @vernonmason225 and welcome to the community!
Person detection does not work with the Outdoor Cam.
Believe the cool down period between recordings on Outdoor Cam is 5 minutes.

Don’t know of another way to reconnect the WOC to network besides connect power. How did you intend to charge the camera when the battery was low? Perhaps someone will chime in with an alternate solution.

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Power cycling the base station may help to reconnect the cam. It has worked for me and a few others.

Cam Plus is being tested on the outdoor cam in Beta. Once this is released to the production app, you will be able to set longer event video clips using Cam Plus.

So far I’ve been able to get 20 sec event clips during Beta testing on the outdoor cam.