Outdoor Cam - Can't record to base station SD card?

So I have two outdoor cams, camplus and an SD card in my base station. Nothing ever gets recorded to the card aside from thumbnails. I have my recordings set to 45 seconds max.

I saw this in the support section: https://wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041595471-What-is-a-microSD-card-in-the-Base-Station-used-for-

Am I understanding that correctly? I can only record to the SD card if I set the recordings to 12 seconds? Why?!

If that’s the case, you guys seriously need to update your product page stating that there’s this absolutely pointless restriction. The video is getting streamed to the cloud from the base station already, there’s no reason to limit your paying (subscribed) customers to this arbitrary number.

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Is the camera that only has thumbnails set to backup to the base station? And does the base station recognize the card?

It states it here about the compatibility also:

The forum is mainly a user to user community. There are some Wyze Team Members that pop in here but not regularly. If you would like that feature, you can make a wishlist (well check first if there is one already) to have interest and show Wyze that it’s a wanted feature.

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