Outdoor Cam Big Disappointment

I was disappointed when I heard about it’s release. I think the doorbell (and please make it wired when you do) would have been a more popular choice. I agree. No way I want to climb a ladder in the winter, bring it indoors charge it up, they climb back up there and adjust it. No thank you.

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You’re giving WYZE access. Why is that different than giving tinyCam access?
tinyCam (the developer) actually doesn’t have access to your video stream.


LOL like I said keep up the good work Wyze

Lol, do you have an actual argument on why the outdoor cam is any good? Are you looking forward to re-charging the battery every 3 months?

Personally, I really like that the cameras are battery operated. I’m even going to swap out several of the cameras that I have installed in the house with the battery ones so that I can eliminate that wires.

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Absolutely agree!

But like @angus.black I also worry about giving Wyze, or any multinational hardware or software company access to my private video streams. Like many others, I am extremely selective as to where I place cams.

Also, tinyCam dev @alexey.vasilyev has always responded to any of my concerns as quick, or usually quicker that Wyze responds. He reports that my Wyze credentials are stored locally and that he does not have access to the credentials or the streams. I cannot prove that, but if there are concerns, I think @krsexton has a great approach to protecting the primary account credentials at least.

I agree that it does not fulfill the needs or expectations of many of us who are trying to building a secure web around our property using Wyze products.

But, from what I have seen online, the WCO is good for lots of different things.

It’s just that Wyze apparently understands the word “outdoor” a bit differently that many of us expected. Sadly, the WCO is not

The WCO can be used somewhat like that, but it is also to be carried about on hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, dishwashering, etc adventures…

The WCO seems to be a multi-use compromise camera that will disappoint those of us with certain expectations but delight others…

I’d actually already done the second account thing before finding out about tinycam. I also set up a new google account. My plan is to have an older phone or maybe a cheap tablet set in my parent’s living room, plugged into power, basically operating as a monitor for the cameras. So they can see at a glance if there is a package being delivered, see what the dogs are barking at, etc.
I don’t want this device going off with every notification that goes to my phone, every text message etc, Second google account takes care of that. Second wyze account gives some more control over feeds that go to it, and I may play with more wyze cams where there would be no point in them going there, and motion notifications happening etc. Wyze notification settings are also per account, so multiple devices are another reason for multiple accounts.

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I had put one inside to see spray pattern. actually you need a flash light as well.

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  1. It has a rechargeable battery. I wouldn’t care if it had to be changed every month, that is better than buying cr123a batteries every month for my Arlo cameras. Yes, every 1.5 months I need to buy new batteries at $10 per cam. After dealing with it for a year I decided to put Nest and Wyze cams in the windows and under the overhang of the roof. I know Arlo has rechargeable cameras now but have you seen the price?
  2. That leads me to my next point. $39 (Wyze) vs $94.99 (Blink) vs $399 (Arlo) you do the math.
  3. A wired outside camera makes absolutely no sense. An outdoor camera that can be charged with solar does. If the topic of this thread was about how long until we have a solar option I would have kept my mouth shut. For all of the people that
  4. I don’t have to use it as a security camera. I like the regular Wyze camera because I can do a timelapse of myself working on cars in the garage. This makes that even easier.
  5. Wyze’s app is light years ahead of Arlo. I have never used Blink’s so I don’t know.

Does that list make you happy @nate311? Just remember they could have not listened at all and kept making indoor cameras only or tapped into the very lucrative Wyze Cam outdoor covering market. Be thankful, calling it a big disappointment is way too much.

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I don’t understand your point on #3. Why does a wired camera outdoors make “absolutely no sense”? I have six Wyze V2 cams mounted outdoors with wires running to indoor power. I never have to worry about any disconnections in power, recharging every few months, etc. Makes a lot of sense to me.

I guess if you’re happy having to deal with unmounting, recharging, and then remounting your camera every 3-6 months, then good on you. There is a difference between simply “finding something to complain about” and actually having a legitimate reason to complain, especially if Wyze hears about it and improves their products moving forward. If you are interested in Wyze improving their products, you should be happy we are complaining. It sounds to me like you are in the very small minority of people who are actually happy with this new outdoor cam.

That’s because you’re comfortable with drilling, filling the hole with Great Stuff, and hoping that if you get robbed that the robber won’t cut the cord. If the robber cuts cord and knocks the outdoor Wyze cam off of its post spray paints the lens I still have sound.

Also, I forgot one key advantage Wyze has over Arlo…sound

Can you elaborate on that?
I have 4 wired WYZE cameras outside.

Ok, I see your reasoning.
I don’t rely on any WYZE technology to warn me. They’re more of a recording device.

  1. You probably have your existing cameras mounted high under the eves to protect them from the elements. With the new outdoor cameras you can mount them lower, in the elements and in easy reach so that you don’t need a ladder to charge them. Also, you don’t need to have wires running all over the place.

  2. You have no saved images if something happens while the power is out. Using the new camera and a SD card, you will have saved images.

  3. I’m going to place a camera on a tree in the corner of my back yard which will give me video access of the whole yard. There are so many more options available when you are not tethered to an extension cord.

So the IR alone doesn’t cut it? Bummer. Still a great experiment! Was highlight of release day for me!
:smiley: :smiley:

  1. They are protected inside their “birdhouse” cases, so they don’t need to be under eaves, although mine actually are under eaves since it happened to work out that way. If you are using the cameras for security, I’m not sure why you’d want them mounted lower, as it would be easier for an intruder to mess with it.

  2. You forgetting to charge your battery within 3-6 months and losing power is much more likely to happen than my entire power system randomly going out.

  3. I can agree with this statement, although I personally have no need for a camera located anywhere besides onto my house exterior.

All told, I haven’t heard anything in this discussion that has swayed me to believe the outdoor cam is not a “big disappointment.” It definitely is. They could have at least allowed a plug in or solar panel option in addition to the wireless.

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that is better than buying cr123a batteries every month for my Arlo cameras

As a suggestion, I’d suggest considering rechargeable batteries for your Arlo cameras. (Amazon has a pretty wide range of choices.)

Exactly. There may be a second Outdoor Cam that doesn’t have battery power, but they needed to pick one thing first.

And drilling a 7/16" hole through a house isn’t ideal for many people (to start with- you need a long 7/16" bit and that doesn’t come in most sets. And a USB cable can be unplugged from a camera as easily as a power cable could be unplugged (plus USB could be cut without any risk at all).
Personally my preference for an on house/building would be for PoE, but I have a 900’ driveway and having a wireless, battery-powered device would let me monitor that easily. Running a cable wouldn’t be feasible. So should my use case trump yours? Your’s isn’t any more valid than mine, and clearly they looked at the market and found areas where they could make a mark. $50 PoE cameras are not hard to find. Now, if there was a small housing with a solar charger I’d be very interested, but again, many people won’t be able to get great light access. Its all tradeoffs, and the camera engineers can only do so much at one time.

(and yes, SmartPost is just the worst way to deliver anything. Assuming they actually deliver.)

Considering the MAX range of the wireless cam is 500 feet I am not sure how your use case is even going to work?

I have a 300’ direct burial line that feeds PoE+ down (with an extractor) and then can put the camera another 200’ down from there and point the camera down the driveway, And that is a straight shot to the road. Once I get my unit I’ll get it tuned.

But even without that line, if I can put the unit halfway down the driveway it can capture the rest of the way. Security up the driveway is at least as important to me. I had someone dump in my year a whole tree they chopped down and cut up-not near the house, so house cameras wouldn’t have seen it. Now I have to move it. I’ve also had people walk dogs on the back side-even though I can see them walking I can’t get pictures-a camera 200’ closer would be much better, and would get them even when I don’t see them.