Outdoor Cam Big Disappointment

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yes, good short read. i have some programagle Sim cards using the t moble 3G network that will be retired this year. so need to hurry up and buy newer devices for our IOT sensor network that still use 3g remote sensors to send narrow band data like for moisture and irrigation systems. Will probaly upgrade all to new Mesh Fog networks with LORAWAN or 4G IIOT for beter security then old IOT devices. Video will need to go to Fog Servers for processing or eventual archieval to a cloud server. hope Wyze video feed can be configured as internet will not be avalaible on many security installs we use Mesh Fog IIOT and video cannot leave the network for security.

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With disappointment centered around:

  • no WiFi, requires a hub (a huge sacrifice on the alter of battery preservation)
  • no continuous recording (an option for continuous or motion activated would have been nice)
  • battery only, no plug-in capability (optional plug-in capability would have expanded the use case)
  • no solar charging (a way to extend battery life, without sacrificing so much functionality)

Take a look at this (the early adopter price is 2x WCO, but it provides all of the above)


I like the wireless. If you don’t like don’t buy. But for many running to a shed (myself) with no power 50 or 60 ft this works great.
I think Wyze has had great strides in products and keeping prices down below virtually all others in this section of the market.
Kudos Wyze… We love ya…

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Glad it works for you, but I don’t need you to tell me not to buy it. Obviously I’m not buying it based on my comments.

We are allowed to voice our concerns about a product whether we buy it or not.



I know how you feel! I don’t like the battery only design either! You can vote on a second version of the Outdoor Camera in this thread Wyze Cam Outdoor V2 Ideas and hopefully, Wyze will look into this!

I had no problem finding the older versions of the Wyze app. But was not able to install an older version on my phone. Still working on that. I REALLY don’t care for the changes made in the events section of the latest release. Just changes for no reason. That area was much better before their “update” as they call it.

This looks a bit different then the instructions I followed the first time. I’ll give it a try. I do have the app on my phone. Looked like it was working. Till the very end. Then I got the app not installed message. I’ll see if I can get this to work. The issue is most likely me…
Thanks once again. I’ll let you know if I have better luck this time.

Followed all the steps. Still got the same “app not installed” message. I did not download the older version of the Wyze app with my phone. I downloaded it with my computer and transferred it to my phone. Maybe that’s the problem? I have the file in the downloads directory. Maybe I need to dump it and make the DL with the phone?

Yes, it sounds like that APK file was either corrupted or incompatible with your phone / OS version.

The biggest variable I hit with APK downloads is not so much the phone vs PC - either can work fine - but something happening in transmission due to a flaky / interrupted internet connection.

So yeah, dump everything, make sure you get a good download from a safe well known source, make sure it’s a good transfer to the phone if doing that, close all other apps, have plenty of battery charge and free space and try the install again.

On some apps I have had to try a half dozen different APK versions to find the right match that works. Especially when trying for the oldest app version on a new device, or the newest app version on an old device.

You needs to know the hardware of your phone/tablet.
Qualcomm or Intel chip.? or other Chinese

Thanks again… I’ll give all that a try. Was really hopeful Wyze would notice all the comments on the latest release of their app and do something about it. But I think at this point it looks like they are only working on selling their new outdoor cam.
Take care…

Did you uninstall the existing version?of the app first?
It sounds like you may have been trying to update rather that installing new.

No I did not. I have the current version of the Wyze app on my phone now. I am trying to install the version it replaced. v2.10.80

Uninstall the current version first.

I can give that a try. Will I lose all settings to cameras, bulbs, and sensors?

Nope your settings are stored in the cloud. So when you reinstall the app and login they will all come back.

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Good to know. Thank you!

Back to the topic of Outdoor Cam Disappointment.

Based on accumulating disapointment I’ve recently purchased both:

Yi Outdoor plug-in wifi cameras

I found the “compare & contrast” relative to Wyze surprising:


  • Each of these Yi and Kami (really the same company, both made by Yi) outdoor cameras support WiFi (+1 for Yi/Kami)

  • Neither has “smart” person detection (+1 for Wyze)

  • 6-second “events” stored in “free” cloud (12 seconds for Wyze) (+1 for Wyze)

  • Address:
    – Yi: 1450 Bellevue Way SE, Bellevue, WA 98004
    –Wyze: 3933 Lake Washington Blvd NE Suite 350, Kirkland, WA 98033
    3.5mi, 10 mins in moderate traffic (not so different)


  • All use Xaomi hardware
  • All have a surprisingly similar setup and operational App UI
    – Setup: easy to use across the board
    – Operational App UI: after some exploring to find specific functions, all OK, but none are great
  • Clumsy tools to grab stored video from microSD card

This is my first experience with outdoor cameras. Are bugs attracted to infrared light?

Kami (Battery + WiFi outdoor): Scary Bug Closeup

Yi: (Plugin + WiFi outdoor): is that a snowstorm in July? No! it’s a Bug Swarm Storm!

Next: Try the Yi-Hack firmware on the Yi Plugin, WiFi outdoor camera.