Outdoor cam base Swivel Modification

Would like the outdoor cam to have a base that pivots 360 degrees in addition to where the camera attaches to the base. Would be easier to get a level picture in some mounting areas.
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Hello, pablo_cc.
The field of view can be made level by rotating the base about its mounting screw. After rotating it to achieve a level view, make a light pencil along a side of the base for future dismounting and mounting reference.
You may want to consider folding a piece of sheet metal to make a fixed aim camera support. The picture shown below is a camera support that angles the camera down and to the side while keeping the view level. Notice how the portion of the bracket contacting the wall is rotated from plumb. This rotation is similar to rotating the base of the camera around its mounting screw.
An advantage of a fixed aim support is the camera is kept in is most compact form, resistant to being bumped out of aim, and easy to clean.

I forgot to get a picture with the camera on it.
Victor Maletic.