Outdoor Cam, Base Station, Hotspot Question


My dad is wanting to incorporate a security camera at our clubhouse (cabin on stilts). There is no internet connectivity at that location (and typical internet connectivity is expensive for that area).

I know the outdoor cam base station can only be connected via ethernet.

I have the ability to use my old phone as a hotspot, and it gets good signal at that location.

I don’t know the name or type of device I need (this is what I need guidance with) that will connect to my hotspot and allow the base station to have that ethernet connection.

Any suggestions or guidance?

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So what you need is some kind of router. I can’t think of any consumer grade product for what you need, but I bet it’s out there.

If I where to do this, I would get a raspberry pie and tether the phone to the pie with a usb cable. That will supply the internet, from there you would just need to NAT the connection over the Ethernet port.

It’s kind of technical as you see, but if you need further guidance on the setup I can help.

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I know they make wifi extenders (is that what they’re called? Or a bridge?) that plug in to an outlet and have ethernet out ports on them.

I was hoping that something like that would work, connect the extender to the hotspot wifi and just plug the outdoor cam base station into it.

Does that make sense? Or am I way off base?

I’m a fairly techy person (I set up my parents first wifi internet back in 2000, and usually have no problems understanding internet connectivity and port forwarding and such for the various devices I have at home) but this is one of the things I get a little confused on.

So an extender would make sense if you just needed to get WiFi out there from another place. But if you want to use a cell phone to provide the internet connection, something needs to provide a way to tether to your phone and also provide an Ethernet port.

Careful with the extender thing. Many have Ethernet ports, but only to setup the device not to provide internet threw.

After a short search I found This I have never used it before, but if you have $20 to gamble with it might be your answer

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Would something like this work?

It looks like it connects to the internet via wifi and has an ethernet port to connect a wired device to that internet connection.

It does appear that this device will work. I would try it

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I appreciate your help! Even if it doesn’t work with my hotspot I have a (non necessary) use for it at home, so wouldn’t waste any money.

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Good luck. Let me know if you need any help setting it all up

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My outdoor cam was hacked within 20 minutes after I installed it. The base broadcasts its ssid to the world while it’s plugged in to your router.

Until I find a way to change the default password on the base and, hopefully, disable ssid broadcast on it Im keeping it turned off.

@LadyTMarie What do you mean it was hacked? Can you be more specific?


As @towelkingdom asked, how do you know you were hacked, also have you contacted support about it so they can look into it?