Outdoor base station not connecting

Just received WCO and unable to setup base station. Tried everything imaginable and suggested. Using iPhone and iPad. Finally tried Fire Tablet and success. After looking further I had NortonVPN activated on both phone and pad and was unable to disconnect from the VPN. Had to pair iPhone separately with cam for everything to work on all devices.

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I have seen recent issues with some VPN’s that others have had also

Having same issue without VPN. Does your iPhone need to be on 2.4Ghz wi-fi or does it not matter?

I eventually made the connection on 2.4. My comment about the VPN was the only variable between the IPhone/IPad and the fire tablet. In your issue of not connecting to the base station and not having a VPN appears to be separate. I could only suggest to try an Android device. If it connects then there might be a settings issue on the IPhone. If you make the connection to the base station on android you can easily activate the IPhone app.

None of the suggestions or support helped me to connect the base station to my internet. I figured out the cause of my problem was having my iPhone’s VPN on. After I turned off my VPN I had no more problems setting up my Wyze Cam Outdoor. After the setup was completed I turned my VPN back on. Please add this information to your support manuals to help others. Thanks.

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Disconnecting my iPhone from VPN seemed to finally do the trick. VPN messes with a lot of home devices–I had the same issue (and fix!) with another vendor’s doorbell/camera. After getting your WOC Base Station online via WiFi you can enable VPN again.