Other cam uses?

Besides the vanilla app usage, is anyone doing anything cool with Wyze cams or hardware?

TL; DR Since the image quality on two of my V2 cams has started to seriously degrade, I purchased a V3 to see how it compares. My V3 arrived this weekend, and it has taken the place of one of my V2. That old V2 is now sitting on my desk running the RTSP firmware, and I’ve got a very crude motion/object detection pipeline running against the clip captures. The picture quality isn’t as good, but I’ve been able to detect people, phones, computers, etc. So what is anyone else out their using using their cam for something besides the vanilla video verification?

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I have one with telephoto lens that monitors motion around my mailbox and records a short clip it it detects some

They have the ability to detect smoke alarms. Maybe use it for alerting fire hazard?

That is very interesting. I have not considered tinkering with the hardware itself.

It’s actually a very simple surgery… Caveat !!! Make sure you do it to an installed camera not a new one unless you install it in the app first… The issue is scanning the bar code with telephoto lens installed

I never thought about that.
Will it not scan at all or just trickier than normal?

All the videos that I have scene and the articles I’ve read about changing your lens in an IP camera say that you should always set the camera up first using the stock lens, get it online and then you can unplug it and do the lens swap. If you take out the original lens before you set the camera up it’s extremely difficult to focus it back on the QR code

Also, while disassembling and reassembling for a lens replacement, be careful not to accidentally press the reset button.


Vic, did you know that it’s very simple to push a small hook or screwdriver between the rubber lens seal and the black plastic surround?? Then just pop the black ring out and the lens is totally accessible… That’s how I’ve done mine and it is really slick how simple that makes a lens swap


I didn’t know Big_monkey, no issues with breaking the glue bond?
I would like to see a picture of how the prying tool was placed.

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I posted on tips & tricks

I saw your pics Big_monkey, very impressive.

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Why don’t you clean the little round glass disk… The difference is awesome